The continuing story of the cross-stitched furniture

So, thinking about Kellie Crawford’s beautiful cross-stitched couch got me thinking about the dining room chairs I designed last year for our restaurant design brief. I was researching the slow movement which led me to look at sewing craft. My design was heavily informed by the Modernist Cuisine cookbook with its gorgeous photography, especially the sections and high-speed shots. Mixing high-tech with the slow movement seemed an unworkable contradiction at first but I soon realised that both are about creating food that is the best it can be.

Anyways, back to the chairs. The idea was to use different found chairs, within the restaurant, that had all been painted with white lacquer to create a uniformity and modernist aesthetic. The backs of the chairs were all cross-stitched with images from Modernist Cuisine.

And this is what they looked like within one of my renders looking through the restaurant into the library.

The glass sheets you can see are sections that are cut out of the building structure to reveal the inner workings.

I was really pleased with how the chairs turned out. One of these days I’d like to get some made.

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