A Slight Programmatic Change

So, I presented my hospice precedence research last week. I received good feedback on the precedence I presented, especially the Maggie’s Centres. I only had 5 minutes to talk but I did point out that my programme would have to include at least 25 different kinds of rooms (you know, the ones I listed last week (and still managed to leave some out)).

My teacher spoke to me later in the day about this was too big a project for one semester and that I had to think about changing my programme (to something similar of course, we don’t want all that research to be in vain). We talked about day centres and about centres with less bedrooms but realised that these spaces still need all the requirements of a hospital and so it would still be a huge undertaking for the short space of time we have remaining (4 weeks, agggggghhhhhhhh).

After talking about making this a whole year project – not sure that’s what I want to do with the rest of my year – we decided to keep the hospice for this one semester but just concentrate on designing specific spaces within the facility.

Therefore, recognising  and acknowledging that hospices have particular requirements, I will now be concentrating my design on a small part of the hospice centre.

My bulk planning has allowed me to organise the hospice so that the ground floor is primarily focussed on entry and reception. The first floor is for administration and functional facilities. The top floor – the floor I’ll be directing my attention to – will house bedrooms, a nurses station / drug room, a family room with shared kitchen, cleaners’ cupboard and linen storage, the chapel / meditation space, and a courtyard/garden.

Within these new parameters, I will be focussing my design specifically on the bedrooms, chapel, family room, and gardens. This should be more manageable. (Fingers crossed.)

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