Initial Site Analysis – 12 Hamer Street, Auckland

Silo 7
Silo Park
Wynyard Quarter

Site Map – Silo 7


Historical Analysis – 12 Hamer Street

1931 | western reclamation completed

May 1973 | Wilson’s (NZ) Portland Cement Ltd submit plans for a 5,000 ton, 110ft (33.5m) silo to Auckland City Council

July to September 1974 | piles & foundations laid | ground floor slab and two weighbridge pits completed | silo walls & internal columns complete to 4.5 metres above floor slab

October 1974 | construction suspended

March to May 1977 | construction recommenced
May 1977 | council advise Wilson Cement that the silo falls outside height restrictions and whilst it does not need to be demolished it can not be used for holding cement | lawyers from both parties become involved | eventually Wilson Cement are able to argue that “substantial progress” had been made before district scheme change and are able to use the silo for its intended purposes

December 1995 | 10m x 7.4m logo painted 3m down from the top of the silo

June 2011 | demolition of block walls

August 2011 | Wynyard Quarter and Silo Park open as a public space

Thanks to Auckland Council and Google Maps for images. Much appreciated.



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