It’s the Final Countdown

dada daaa da
dada dadadaaaa
dada daaa da
dada dadadadadaaaaa dadadaaa dadadadadadada daaa daaaaaaaaaa daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Anywho …

Final semester. My last brief is based around memory. I’ve drawn my context from three main theories.

Psychologist, Amanda Barnier’s research shows how couples in very long-term relationships have better memory recollection when working together rather than apart. Further research showed that when someone in a long-term relationship suddenly dies, the remaining person’s cognitive functioning declines rapidly. Furthermore, moving from a family home into a nursing home, without our familiar possessions, is devastating for memory recollection.

Philosophers Andy Clark and David J Chalmers’ book, The Extended Mind, argues that when we are cognitively processing information we very often reach to things or people outside of ourselves to help us remember. This form of active externalism illustrates how the lines drawn between our mind, body, and the environment are arbitrary and that, therefore, our minds (and by association our memories) can exist, externally to us, within or environment.

Media archaeologist, Wolfgang Ernst, disagrees saying that “remembrance is external to the archive”. The mnemonic devices we hold around us, including diaries, albums, and people, are merely devices – they are not the memories themselves.

I will draw on both these philosophical arguments to create a new interior environment for memory storage. I intend to design a memory repository where actual memories will be stored, neither extensions of memories or remembrances external form the archive. Memories will be shifted from the interior of our minds to the interior of the repository.

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