The Completion of The Memory Repository

On November 16th I handed in my Memory Repository project for marking. It felt really good to hand in a project I was happy with, but, also a little sad to be closing The Memory Repository.

I held preconceptions going into this project about what type of memories people would share. I thought people would want to share happy memories but most memories shared have been of sad or anxious moments. I presumed that people would want to discard traumatic experiences, and they have, but a lot of apologies have been sent to the Memory Repository on Discard postcards. These unexpected moments have added a depth to my research that I did not expect.

It’s been an emotional experience, memory collecting. Not just because of the memories I’ve received but also because of the thanks I’ve received from people sharing and discarding their memories.

As part of this project, I’ve had to produce a book, showing my process, research, concept drawings, and final design. Below, are the two chapters of that book showing final orthographic drawings and renders.

This project offers the possibility for our memories, normally stored within the interiors of our minds, to be shared with others.  It allows us to externalise individual memories and create a collective consciousness.

The Memory Repository permits us to store memories away, where they are safe, to possibly share with those important to us far in the future. It creates a bastion against the memory loss that comes with dementia, depression, aging, and mild cognitive impairment. The Memory Repository offers a safe place to rid ourselves, through ritual, of memories we want to forget.

Architectural interiors should be designed with people in mind. It is people that occupy interiors, that interact within them and with them. Every wall, every material, every light, every threshold has a psychological effect on those that share its space. Every material elicits a psychological response. It is one of my roles, as a designer, to bring these materials together, within a space, to create a particular psychological resonance.

The Memory Repository has allowed me to design especially for the psyche and to bring people together on a personal level. It is these aspects of interior design that excite me and these aspects that I want to take with me to my own design practice.

Thank you so very much to everybody that contributed to The Memory Repository.

I will have my work on display at Unitec’s Graduation Show from the evening of 29 November 2012 for a few days. It would be lovely to see you there.

Once again, thank you all.

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