Traversing Memory Exhibition

The culmination of a Master of Art & Design the ‘Traversing Memory’ installation, on the Old Mangere Bridge, sat within the exhibition ‘Other Waters: Art on the Manukau’  with artists A.D. Shierning, Christina Houghton, CROSTOPI, Dianna Brinsden, Janine Randerson, Judy Darragh, Lisa Reihana, Local Time, Nick Spratt, Rebecca Ann Hobbs, Ruth Watson, Sarah Treadwell, and John Pusateri.

father and son

Signifying a father bringing his young son fishing, the vertical lines of the installation are reflected in the horizontal lines below.


A brass line, the length of the Old Mangere Bridge, showing cyclists’ travels glows red in the light of the setting sun

older father and son

In the gale-force winds, the work illustrating the loss of a son, blows in the wind

The intention for the project was for the work to allow the local community a mnemonic device for their memories of the Old Mangere Bridge and to create new memories for them to foster. The days of the event were windy and wild with coats and hats flapping around in the wind. The wind seemed to gather momentum as it travelled across the harbour. The bitter-cold sou’wester buffeted the water, guests, and visitors; our kaumatua’s karakia became almost a whisper, lost amongst the wind and the rain.

Light refractions and sound from the installation activated small parts of the bridge. The lines of brass shone in the sunlight, reflecting the environment and the people stopping to study them. As the light changed throughout the day, so did the light reflecting off the brass markers – at times blinding, at others golden.In the gale winds of ‘Other Waters’ pieces marking time spent between father and son were blown about, at times flailing in the air like ribbons of light, whilst creating a cacophony like crashing thunder.

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